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I make websites for a living. I love CSS and building simple and modular stylesheets. Somewhere along the way I also turned into a Ruby developer. Life comes at you fast I guess. You can read my resume to learn about my journey so far.

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I am a senior web developer with experience in Rails, React and ecommerce. I have been building websites professionally since 2009. I have a passion for building user experiences guided by my love for CSS.

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2020 - Present
Staff Developer

Building the future of ecommerce by bringing “headless” to Shopify with Hydrogen and Oxygen.

2018 - 2020
Senior Web Developer

In the summer of 2018 Stembolt was acquired by JUUL for our expertise in Solidus and ecommerce. During my time with the company I:

2014 - 2018
Senior Web Developer

Stembolt was a consultancy that helped run and maintain an open-source ecommerce platform called Solidus. As a senior member of the development team I was expected to work on a wide variety of tasks up and down the stack:

2009 - 2015
Forum Moderator

Being a forum moderator was an amazing experience. During my time over at CSS-Tricks I wrote over 5000 forum posts and helped members of all levels. I primarily answered questions focusing on HTML, CSS, and WordPress.

I continue to receive messages from friends and colleagues saying that they stumbled upon one of my forum posts that helped solve a problem they were having.

Pixel Union
2012 - 2014
Web Developer

I was originally hired for my experience with WordPress but over the course of my tenure I became Pixel Union’s lead Shopify developer and development team leader.

Atomic Crayon
2009 - 2012
Junior Web Developer

I spent years building websites in my spare time before realizing that there was a professional career path for me in the industry. Atomic Crayon took a chance on an eager, green developer.